To TwinTresses Boutique where we specialize in providing glueless wigs that are easy and convenient to wear.

Are Your Wigs Really Glueless?


When we say "glueless" we mean it! Our wigs require no adhesives of any kind for them to lay flat and secure to your head.

Keep reading and we will tell you how!

What Makes Our Wigs Glueless

Elastic Band

An elastic band is sewn into each of our units. This band will lay behind the back of the head and will ensure that the unit is held down securely.

Adjustable Wig Cap

All of our wig caps can be adjusted to a smaller size to fit your head. Adjusting the wig cap down allows for a more snug fit and eliminates unwanted space in the back of the wig.

Wig Grip

While not always necessary for a secure fit, we provide each order with a wig grip. Wig grips are great for protecting your edges as well as keeping your wig from sliding back.

*Instant results

*Easy to wear

*Convenient way to change your look

*No messy glue needed

*Protects your natural hair

*Allows you to rest/grow your hair

*High performing hair that lasts

*Quality thin lace that blends well with skin


Jordan J.

TwinTresses Boutique Is by far the best when it comes to wigs, maintenance, and care for units. Kiara’s customer service is unmatched. She provides quality units and the pricing is great. She is very knowledgeable and takes time with each purchase to make sure you love your hair/product you receive. I’ve ordered from a lot of different sites trying to find the perfect wig. She has the best ones! You will not be disappointed with your purchase.

Delyshia M.

You cannot tell me this hair isn’t mine! Lol it’s light and moves. It fits so secure. I have a 6month old and he has pulled my wig off before lol. NOT THIS ONE

Our Wigs Are Ideal For Those Who

Suffer From Hairloss

Whether you are struggling with complete baldness or a few thinning areas, our wigs will help you conveniently cover any area that concerns you.

Are Busy and On-The-Go

Whether you are a busy mom, a successful business owner, or both, our wigs will give you time back in your schedule to tend to the things that matter most to you.

Change Your Look Often

Whether you are constantly in front of a camera or in front of a live crowd, our wigs will help you maintain your appearance and give you the flexibility to change up your hairstyle in an instant.